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The CairnGorm Arts Initiative is now well underway, with most of the internal works completed.  External work has commenced on the viewpoint feature at the northern end of Coire Cas car park. Shuttering work is continuing on the water rill features on the front face. Stone masons will start work at the end of August and will use local pink granite from Alvie Quarry. The lead artist Arthur Watson is busy casting bronze work at a foundry in Aberdeen shire. These bronze works will be built into the granite creating areas where visitors can walk above the water rills. Bronze features will also be built into the walling.

The filming for the camera obscura is now complete, and this footage will document the journey from CairnGorm to the North, South, East and West coasts in the corresponding seasons. More info is available on the PDF download.

We'll be adding images to the photo gallery page, so keep up to date with what's happening there!