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The Living Mountain is the primary theme, and the basis for all interpretation on CairnGorm. It seeks to communicate that the mountain is a living system, “an ecosystem“, and it invites visitors to make the link between their own life and that of the mountain community of life.  The Living Mountain was also used as the title for a book written about the Cairngorms by Nan Sheppard, and therefore has specific relevance historically, socially and geographically.

Our goals are to promote:

  • Appreciation of the natural and cultural history of Cairn Gorm Mountain.
  • Responsible behaviour towards the mountain environment and all those making a journey into it.
  • Respect for, and appreciation of, the CairnGorm Mountain site and the surrounding wild mountain land.
  • Understanding and responsible enjoyment of the special qualities of the Cairngorms National Park.
  • Awareness of CairnGorm Mountain Limited's commitment to social enterprise, local community and environmentally sustainable development.
  • Consciousness of global environmental issues and how they affect wild places.
  • Personal lifestyle behaviour that is environmentally sustainable, on a global scale.

All of the images you see on the site (other than those in the public pictures gallery) have been taken by CairnGorm Mountain staff members.