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The Cairngorm Ranger Service is located at the front end of the Base Station. Guided walks and talks can be arranged subject to availability. Call 01479 861703 for details.
Cairngorm Ranger Service carries out the management of Cairngorm Estate for the benefit of visitors, conservation of the Estate and the future use of the area.
This includes:
  • Monitoring the resource, seeing how it's standing up to the way it's being used.
  • Carrying out physical works, or specifying and supervising contracts, such as path repairs, drainage, litter clearance.
  • Working with visitors and advising them on their use of the area. We post a Mountain Weather Forecast for mountaineers and Hillwalkers and an avalanche forecast in winter (SAIS forecast)
  • Helping educational groups or individual students find out more about the Cairngorms.
All things to all people?
Not quite. We are not the Cairngorms National Park Ranger Service, and are authorised only to work on Cairngorm Estate. We are not policemen, nor babysitters, neither gamekeepers nor grounds men.
We do have a wealth of knowledge to share with you though! Be it looking at the wildlife, the plants or the weather or even looking for information on taking a 10 minute stroll or taking off on a multi-day trip. Why not pop in to the Ranger Base before setting out for a friendly and informative chat.
If you wish to carry out fieldwork on the Estate please read the Field Research Guidelines. Please note that permission is required before commencing any field studies within the Estate. This is best done by downloading and returning the request form which can be found in the downloads section.
Human Waste and Snowholes - The Poo Project!
If you plan to snow hole or spend a day out on the hills - you need to know how to go!
A pioneering project has been launched at CairnGorm Mountain to manage the increasing amount of human waste left behind by winter walkers and climbers particularly those particpating in snow hole activities!
This unsightly and unhealthy problem was tackled by Heather Morning of the Cairngorm Ranger Service and the solution has received sponsored support by a number of prominent organisations. Full details of the Poo Project and how it operates are available in the downloads on the top RHS of this page.