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Cairngorm Mountain Funicular Railway transports visitors to the Ptarmigan Top Station, nestled just below the summit of Cairn Gorm. The Top station offers spectacular views from the terrace, the Shop at the Top, panoramic Ptarmigan restaurant and a mountain exhibition. The railway provides an opportunity for all ages and abilities to enjoy the CairnGorm Mountain experience in safety and comfort. The journey to the top takes approximately 8 minutes, and train times are every 15 or 20 minutes, depending on the season. The essential feature of a Funicular Railway is that it involves a carriage being hauled along a track by means of a rope. When the carriage at the top moves, the other carriage moves as well. The carriages pass at the passing loop at middle station.

The Cairngorm Conservation strategy.

The Cairngorms are mountains with very special flora, fauna and geology that can be easily be damaged by people. Because of the large number of people visiting the Ptarmigan top station, we operate a conservation strategy to protect our mountain from such damage.

This means Funicular passengers are not permitted to leave the top station or viewing platform and go out onto the mountain.

You may go to any part of the mountain if you walk from the car park.

On your visit to CairnGorm Mountain, why not visit the Mountain Garden, this is located at Base Station Level, and will allow you to discover the kinds of plants that live on the plateau. Why not combine your visit with one of our Guided Ranger walks? Visit our Guided Walks page by using the navigator at the left hand side of the page.